We offer artists a new economic model to increase their revenue stream and monetise.

Web3 music products and formats

Music NFTs

Singles / Albums / Stems

Video NFTs

Full HD music videos

Merch NFTs

Generative art / Photography / Tickets

Web3 services

We provide creative, marketing and distribution services for new and innovative Web3 music products and formats via our marketplace.


To work our position to the top of the Web3 music landscape, we decided to provide artists with an internal ‘Creative Studio' to help them design, produce, and deliver a superb NFT experience.


We have a dynamic marketing, PR and A&R team that work closely to promote and match relevant genre trends with your audience. Every drop on our platform is further supported with bespoke community engagements and promotions to music communities through our dedicated social media and Discord channels.


Our marketplace allows artists to create, promote and sell unique music products and experiences to their fans, who are in turn rewarded for supporting them. The artists are enabled to produce more content and increase their visibility on the platform.

Utility Token

Governance: The token gives the ecosystem governance back to the participants to curate the quality of artistic content issued with NFTs.
Artist to fan engagement: The token maximises the relationship between artists and super-fans with staking mechanisms. The staking is a crucial factor for the correct functioning of the ecosystem, since it strengthens engagement and creates a long-term ecosystem with aligned interests.
Brands to artist & fan engagement: The token maximises the creation of new creative content strengthening the distribution and visibility of the art to the general public.