Business model innovation

Web3 provides a new and direct distribution channel to fans. Blockchain technology improves efficiency by increasing trust and automation in digital asset ownership, distribution, and consumption. Artists can now work directly with their fans and monetise their audience more effectively.

NFTs: a community management tool

Artists and their management understand that NFTs are not just a new product category for an emergent revenue stream. Instead, it is a manifestation of marketing mechanics changing permanently. The "thing" that gets disrupted the most by blockchain and NFTs is marketing. But artists going to issue NFTs must understand that a marketing strategy for NFTs should not and will not bear much similarity to how marketing is done in today's environment. For example, name recognition and fame alone will not translate into NFT success. In short, NFTs are great opportunities for artists that are ready to take greater ownership of the fan-artist dynamic. Technology is a tool for the artist to close the gap between artists and fans. We're removing the relevance of centralised platforms as the gatekeepers and containers of the relationship. We can provide direct advantages, like revenue, or indirect, like better community management, but the artist must provide exclusive content and interactions that are truly unique and privileged.
Effectively, the NFT marketing begins as a call to action for artists to take charge and own their fan relationships. The mission of Public Pressure is to provide artists with an ecosystem of tools and mechanics to do this in the most effective way possible.