A view on the future

We don't like to work only on expectations. We believe in projects built on solid foundations. And in business, foundations are formed from the information and knowledge you have. For this, we spent the last 12 months analysing the music industry, collecting feedback, and building a network of people with a global 300 years+ of experience within the music business. We now have access to a very high number of artists and professionals in the sector, and this is a very good starting point.
One problem in the music industry is that artists' profitability has decreased significantly in recent years due to the evolution of music distribution systems. It is not a problem for prominent artists but is very limiting for small to medium artists. Our goal is to build a new way for artists of all sizes to monetise their work so that they can devote their best energy to creating musical art, and this is what we are going to deliver now.
But during our discovery process, we have seen firsthand how this industry is on the one hand modern and highly innovative in some segments but very backward and in need of technology in other respects.
Our starting point is to activate the community and bring artists to the blockchain page. Then the next topic will be to provide the music industry with a technology to empower the management, circulation, and monetisation of IP rights and music content, while at the same time, managing all the related legal aspects. All this will be done with a new parachain, and we are already working on it.